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Paul Karak

Paul has over 25 years of experience in Sports Podiatry. Working with several elite sporting clubs like Melbourne Giants basketball team and Melbourne Victory and at a domestic level too Paul understands the importance of a combined approach to treating injuries. He has a strong focus of footwear, biomechanics and orthotic therapy.
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Matthew Gamble

Matthew has over 12 yrs of Podiatry experience & 10 years prior as a Emergency Depart. Nurse This has provided him with a broad understanding of medication & drug interactions, foot & general health needs.  His experience extends to Paediatrics, Sports, Diabetes & Wound Care. He is also qualified in dry needling.
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Graeme Wilson

Graeme has over 25 yrs of Podiatry experience and has coached  local / community Athletics. His experience in Paediatrics and Diabetes are his focus & his ability to integrate current evidence with clinical experience gives him the ability to optimise outcomes for all clients. He accepts general foot care patients too.
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Phillip Prosia

Phil understands the rehabilitation process required in podiatry and has completed his Pharmacology qualification earning him the ability to prescribe certain S4 Medication. He is also pursuing his interest in ultrasonography to better diagnose and understand the complexity of the foot and ankle. Book online:

Bang Du

Ben has a personal passion and interest in biomechanics & sports injury rehabilitation & prevention.  He combines this with his knowledge of Sporting footwear to then achieve the best outcomes for the client. He also has an interest in Chronic Care Management.
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Troy Sinclair

Troy has worked prior to Core Podiatry in the Public Health System & now focused on applying himself to private practice. With a strong affiliation with local sporting clubs (cricket and football) Troy has a keen interest in treating relating sports injuries. He also treats general foot conditions. Book online:

Lilian Ghattas

Lilian has a special interest in the diabetic foot & sports injuries. Playing soccer has strengthened her sports injury & biomechanical knowledge,  able to apply this to the rehabilitation process. Prior work: Public Health, Active Feet (footwear retailer)
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