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Nike Mercurial Vapor VII


Mercurial Vapor VII


Men's: 7-13.5

The upper of the new Nike Mercurial Vapor VII is identical to the previous Vapor VI. The teijin synthetic upper is ultra lightweight and conforms to the shape of the foot. The lace cover of the previous model has been removed to reveal a traditional central lacing position. This certainly makes the shoe easier to adjust and makes replacing laces possible.

Like all other Nike football boots there is no midsole or heel lift.

Unlike carbon fiber which is found in the vapor’s more expensive brother this model has a tepex glass fiber chassis. Compared to traditional plastic the glass fiber improves support and stiffness of the outsole but reduces weight and thickness bringing the foot closer to the ground. Direct injected dual density TPU studs are cored out to further reduce weight. The forefoot zonal spikes which are based on a sprinting design give the perfect balance of excellent straight line force transfer and lateral grip

• Forefoot: The one piece teijin upper is extremely comfortable at the forefoot and due to its sprint spike like design it has a glove like fit allowing the upper to mould to the foot
• Midfoot: The vapor doesn’t have the flywire found in the Superfly however the fit across the midfoot is still firm without being tight
• Heel counter: The heel has minimal padding to reduce weight however as the moulds to your foot there is no rubbing and the heel counter isn’t felt
• Orthotics: The tepex outsole gives an excellent base for orthoses to sit on however due to the minimalistic design of the boot there is no room bulky orthoses.

The ride is much the same as most quality football boots. The tepex outsole distributes the pressure evenly from each stud so there is almost no specific stud pressure. Compared to traditional leather boots their ultra lightweight feel is something that won’t be missed and will certainly make it heard to return to heavier boots.

The Nike mercurial Vapor VII is a further improvement to the already impressive vapor range and the religious followers of this boot won’t be disappointed. Despite the lofty price tag the lightness of this boot will be the lasting impression that’s worth paying for. The boot’s upper is the best synthetic upper I’ve ever experienced, although it’s still not leather. The vapor has the colours and cutting edge technology that people who like this range are drawn to.

• Players with a narrow to normal neutral foot type and lighter build
• Players who are quick and agile and looking for a competitive advantage
• Players who like colorful boots


Phil Trump