Shoe Review

Asics Landreth 7


Landreth 7


Men’s: 7-16
Women’s: 6-13

The upper of the Landreth is very similar to the rest of the Asics range with one notable exception. The clutch collar system is a new design feature which has been added to the DS Trainer and Landreth. It contains an inner fit sleeve which wraps around the heel and then a collar that connects to the lacing system to support the heel. This reduces pressure from a traditional heel counter and aids to improve support. Dual PHF memory foam is contained in the inner sleeve to further increase comfort. Biomorphic fit has also been added to the upper which reduces irritation to the forefoot caused by areas of frequent buckling.

The midsole contains both forefoot and rear foot gel units which enhances cushioning. The Gender specific Space Trusstic pieces through the shank of the shoe accounts for the anatomical and physiological differences between men and women further enhancing the support each needs. The mid foot is taken from the 2160 shoe with the medial post removed and with no crash pad this therefore is a very stable neutral shoe.

The Landreth has a blown rubber forefoot which reduces the weight but aids in grip. On high wear areas at the heel the shoe has AHAR+ plugs for durability and grip.

• Forefoot: The shoe is quite comfortable through the forefoot with biomorphic fit and limited overlays helping to reduce irritation from pressure on the forefoot.
• Midfoot: The mid foot of this shoe is very stable without that hard feeling sometimes felt in posted shoes. There is no sensation that the collar is pulling on the mid foot which feels supported by the upper but not cramped.
• Heel counter: The clutch collar system takes a little getting used to. At first I found it a little suffocating as the collar really pulls the upper tight against the foot. However once I got used to I felt very supported and comfortable
• Orthotics: The shoe appears to be purpose built to hold orthoses with no posting and a very supportive midsole the shoe easily accommodates an orthotic. With some concern the new clutch collar system would struggle to hold a foot on top of the orthotic we tested it and found no such problems.

The ride of the shoe was excellent, Asics just seem to get this part right every time. T

As a podiatrist I traditionally have loved this shoe since its inception seven models ago. I was a very concerned when I saw the updates to the new model however after testing it am pleasantly surprised. The midsole is still exactly what I want and the upper hasn’t lost any of its rear foot support with the updates. I’ll still be referring many of orthotic patients for this shoe.

• Runners who have a reasonably neutral foot type
• Runners who have orthoses
• Runners who have a slightly pronated foot type but are irritated by medial posts


Phil Trump