Shoe Review

Asics GT 2000 V6 (2018)


GT 2000 V6


Men's: US 7-15
Women's: US 6-13

The GT 2000 V6 runner is the latest model of neutral to guidance performance running shoes produced by ASICS. The performance GT running line of shoes by ASICS in 2018 has been completely overhauled, the GT 2000 re instating the traditional firm internal heel counter as seen in the 1000 model.
Before you read on, If you are after a supportive shoe for controlling your excessive pronation (rolling in), this may not be the shoe for you. While providing supportive features the GT line of shoes are by no means aimed at preventing excessive pronation. I believe that the GT line of shoes are more suitable for efficient and strong runners who are after some guidance from a cushioned and lightweight shoe.

DISCRETE EYELETS - Independently placed eyelets disperse lace tension, creating a customized fitting environment and enhanced upper comfort.
The flat seamed upper ensures that no local irritation occurs on the top of the foot. The ComforDry Sockliner provides a soft, cushioned and cool upper for your feet. After kilometers and kilometers of marathon training at no stage did my runners need an air-out.

MIDSOLE: : Our FlyteFoam technology provides exceptional bounce back and responsiveness no matter the distance, utilizing organic super fibers to help reduce packing out that traditionally happens with softer, low density foams. Rolled out initially in the Dynaflye this is a welcome addition to the 2000 model.

GENDER-SPECIFIC CUSHIONING - The Asics 2000 Women's models also feature a lower-density top layer in the midsole, allowing female athletes to better enjoy the benefits of midsole compression.

Durable yet not slippery like some competitors in its field.

The GT 2000 certainly provides the intended control while not compromising on the comfort and cushioning expected in a high mileage shoe.
The increased forefoot flexibility in conjunction with the supportive midsole mean the shoe is very smooth from heel strike to toe off.

The new features of the GT 2000 will I’m sure make ASICS GT devotees very happy. The shoe is designed for the Neutral to slight pronator. In no means is it a shoe for a heavy pronator or inefficient runner.
My pair of GT 2000’s served me very well. Being a relatively efficient runner with reasonable foot function, the GT 2000’s survived a full marathon training load and some, without showing excessive wear in the upper or outsole and minimal midsole compression.
If pronation control is what you’re after the GT line of shoes may not be the best for you. Consider the Asics 1000 v6 series instead.

neutral to mild pronator
high mileage runner

8.5/10 - does what it is intended to do very well.

Paul Karak