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Adidas Adizero F50 TRX 2011


F50 Adizero TRX FG


Men's: 7-13.5

The upper of the Adizero F50 is brand new and made with sprint skin, which is a single layer material. As it’s only got one layer that is very thin it reduces the weight of the shoe and improves ball feel. It also allows the upper to mould more effectively to the foot which traditional synthetic uppers have always struggled with. The upper is reinforced through the midfoot with TPU support bands that increase stability and offer increased sideways support. The lace cover seen on previous F50 models has been removed and replaced with asymmetrical laces similar to those seen in the Predator series

Unfortunately Adidas is yet to place a midsole or heel lift in this range, however it does come with two innersoles. One is ultra thin and lightweight whilst the second has adiprene inserts to improve comfort.

As with the upper the outsole of the new Adizero F50 is brand new which includes a new last to optimize fit. It is called the sprint frame and it’s made from one piece of lightweight plastic which aids in reducing weight. Along with reducing weight the outsole wraps around the foot and binding with the upper transferring sheer force and reducing wear on traditional football boot weak points. However by stripping the boot back to reduce weight this boot isn’t as supportive through the shank compared to other Adidas boots like the Predator or Adipure series. The traxion cleat pattern seen with previous models has been replaced with triangular studs which improve functional advantage.

• Forefoot: The new last is quite wide throughout the forefoot which makes it really comfortable especially compared to most Adidas football boots which are quite narrow. However early on whilst the shoe moulded to my foot I found the laces gaped a little where the boot flexes.
• Midfoot: The TPU support bands make the midfoot of the boot fit like a glove exaggerating the width of the forefoot. However this did make the boot feel glove like as it really moulded to your foot making it feel like you weren’t wearing anything
• Heel counter: The sprint frame which wraps up around your heel is quite comfortable and although it has minimal padding to reduce weight it is hardly noticed.
• Orthotics: As with most football boots and almost all of the Adidas range fitting orthoses into this boot is a challenge. A mild to moderate orthotic can be fitted however with space at a premium due to the glove like fit it is not ideal.

Ride: The ride is not that dissimilar to most other football boots. The sprint frame is very

The Adizero F50 is the lightest boot in what is fast becoming the most popular category of boots. Having worn previous F50 models it is unlike its predecessors and more than holds its own against established competitors like the Nike Mercurial series. I loved the minimalistic feel of the boot and was surprised how comfortable they keep it whilst stripping the weight back.

• Players with a normal to wide neutral foot type and lighter build
• Players who have speed and agility as their weapon
• Players who like colorful boots


Phil Trump