Diabetes and Podiatry

Even though most of us are likely to have some sort of problem with our feet, people with Diabetes are potentially at greater risk of developing serious foot problems.

This is because people with Diabetes are more likely to experience reduced blood circulation and nerve degeneration in their feet and legs, causing a decreased ability to fight infection.

All these factors contribute to a reduced ability to heal – even minor cuts and abrasions.

Anyone who has Diabetes is strongly advised to have their feet checked for assessment of circulation, nerve function other potential risks and advice on preventative foot care. This should be done on a regular basis or as recommended by our Podiatrist.

We have both neurological and vascular measurement tools including a hand held Doppler ultrasound machine that provides us with accurate and consistent results.

For further information on this or any other foot, ankle or lower limb related problems see your Podiatrist at Karak and Wilson Podiatry Group.

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